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This site is for our Parcom Legacy Systems. For our new cloud based hosting services please visit:

At Parcom we wish to provide a professional environment for our customers.  We are a professional business, and we will take care of you very well if all policies are understood and adhered to.  

Straight talk about all the policies below:  "Simply: No spam and no illegal activities." 

Additional information regarding our network uptime policy can be found
 on our Network Availability Policy page.

Parcom Site Contract documents your service level agreement.

You may also view our billing and privacy policies as well.


The following is what we expect our customers to abide by. 

This document is an ACTIVE Policy (or living document) since changes in the industry can affect this policy at any time.

All of this is applicable to dedicated server customers unless noted.

  1. Parcom's systems shall not be used to store anything that is regarded as illegal in the United States of America.  
  2. Parcom prefers you not use third party DNS servers to point to our network without prior permission.  Our DNS servers are set properly and by the book.  If you choose to use your own name servers then you will have to understand our ability to troubleshoot problems with your site will be limited for obvious reasons.
  3. Copyrighted music, video, or sounds in .WAV or especially .MP3 format is not allowed on our systems unless the owner of the content also owns the copyirght of the content.  In short, Parcom does not allow "pirated material" to be hosted on our systems.  Keep it legal and you will be fine.
  4. Parcom's systems shall not be used to send spam (unsolicited e-mail or bulk e-mail) or send spam by using third party bulk mailing services.   Such actions will result in immediate termination of service without prior notice required.  This applies to sending mail through our network to a third party mail service or if a third party spam service is used to link to a Parcom account.    Please note that it is illegal to spam in the state of Washington, USA where Parcom is located.  Parcom can disable an account to protect the integrity of the network due to Denial of Service Attacks, or attempts to spam through the customer account as well.   In short, if you need to use SPAM or bulk unsolicited e-mail for your advertising, we cannot be your hosting provider.  All bulk mailings require permission from Parcom prior to any being sent out.    If you are e-mailing a list of unknown recipients then you are breaking this policy.   However, if each recipient genuinely requested the material you are presenting and you have documentation proving it through written or direct confirmation that can be presented to Parcom if a problem should occur, then it is ok. So, if you plan to mass mail customers, you must have proof that your customer(s) are welcome to your messages and show that to us if that customer should ever complain.  Parcom will disable a customer account during investigation where there is a possible breach of contract.
    NOTE: Parcom customers are also not allowed to post unsolicited mailings on newsgroups, mailing lists, websites guest books, create URL linking for spam use, or forums of any kind.   If a single complaint is received due to such actions, the customer account may be deleted without notice and no refund will apply.  This is to protect all customers on the server and network you share space with.    If a Parcom customer does this to another Parcom customer, a warning may be given, but the offending party must contact the other Parcom customer with a written apology and a copy must be sent to Parcom's abuse department for a record to be kept on file.  Damages to the other Parcom party is the responsibility of that party - and any legal action should be taken between the two parties without Parcom involvement.
  5. Parcom reserves the right to recommend dedicated e-mail, database or web server for those who truly would be best served on isolated solutions.
  6. Parcom reserves the right to not back up files that are not web site related.  Please make sure all your web site content is related to your web site.
  7. Parcom is not responsible for customer e-mail if mail is configured to forward to another ISP or mail provider.  Once email leaves the Parcom network we cannot guarantee that the receiving ISP will deliver mail in a timely manner.    
  8. All Parcom clients are welcome to use e-commerce solutions that work within our environment.   All customers are to use our forum to discuss best practices.
  9. It is the customer's responsibility to move the site contents to the new location.   When upgrading to new systems, it is always the customer's responsibility to do so.
  10. Parcom customers are to not use any third party tools to monitor or do frequent ping tests against their sites at all. Doing so adds unnecessary stress on your site.   
  11. Mailing lists cannot be populated via purchased spam lists of any kind. 
  12. Proper MySQL and MS SQL usage policy is in our Site Contract.

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Last Edited 10/25/2011





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