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This site is for our Parcom Legacy Systems. For our new cloud based hosting services please visit:

At Parcom, we strive to maintain at least a goal with a high range of 99.99999% network, server, router, and all other Parcom equipment in terms of uptime.  (overall, our network has an overall uptime of 99.99994% this past 8 years)  We are completely honest in letting every client know that with the unpredictable nature of the internet, it is quite impossible to make a 100% uptime claim.   Many of our competitors will claim 100% uptime, that maybe true of their equipment and their private network, but not the network environment that they have no control over.   It is quite impossible to claim 100% no matter what they say.   No one network provider can control the issues that other providers may have either.    Hence, we believe in an honest network availability policy for all of our customers.   Despite our low prices, we are extremely proud of our track record for maintaining an excellent network uptime.

Remember, 100% uptime guarantees are impossible policies to ever offer.  

Our Policy

We have a simple policy in that if your web site is down for more than 1 hour for a given month (for all services, mail, ftp, web, etc)  we will grant you a free month's worth of service, guaranteed!    This cannot include any restrictions or limitations as listed below.    All customers, must contact our billing department immediately AFTER contacting technical support in order to obtain a credit.  More than likely you will find Parcom already gave you credit - as that is our policy too.

Parcom cannot control your ISP's downtime.   Many customers who request credit sometimes forget that their own ISP could be the cause of the accessibility problems they are having.   So testing with other ISPs from different locations is something that you should do too.  Something to note about this is that Parcom's overall network is guaranteed (as a separate part of the network outside of the server network) to have a 99.99999% uptime between our routers and our multiple backbone providers.   This is why our network is probably online more than any competitor or many ISPs.   It is important to note that complete network failure is not only rare, but unlikely.   Individual site downtime is more common while other sites on the same server may be fine!   So test well, make sure you can get to some other Parcom sites if possible, or check if mail works, at least you help isolate the problem.


Restrictions and Limitations
The following restrictions and limitations will prevent us from issuing any credit for downtime: 

  1. Any scheduled maintenance as announced either by e-mail or through our network status page.

  2. Your local PC performance issues, including your own ISP connectivity problems.

  3. Things obviously out of Parcom's control including, but not limited to insurrection, war or acts of war, acts of God, flood, denial of service (DOS) attacks, sabotage, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, hackers, strike or labor disputes, embargos, interruption or delay in telecommunications connectivity or third party services (upstream providers, DNS propagation,  DNS servers, etc.), interruption or delays in transportation, inability to obtain service, supplies or parts from a 3rd party, inability to obtain power, connectivity, supplier or provider bankruptcies and failure to meet high standards of Parcom owners requirements, or equipment needed by the web servers.   Essentially, any act or issue that is beyond our control.

  4. Defects in the operating systems used, including known issues being worked on by Microsoft, Cisco, and our Unix software manufacturers.    We strive to maintain the most up to date versions of all of our equipment at Parcom.

  5. Things in your control or the control of your customers in the case of resellers including but not limited to failure to correctly uploading of your site(s), programming or logic errors in scripts or active server pages. Your accidental deletion of pages or incorrectly coded html such as broken links.

  6. The total credit in any month cannot exceed the monthly service charge for the  month for the Web Server that is not available. Credit received will also reflect any discount you receive for your total billing.

  7. Parcom is not responsible for mail delivery delays due to internet congestion of any kind.  

  8. Parcom is not responsible for coding issues that cause your site to crash.   If HTML files and MAIL are working fine for you, this does not mean your site is down.   Customers must also realize that our professional or higher accounts service levels are more designed for database and scripting.   Such sites receive isolated resources.  Which is improved (not necessarily perfect).   Shared and even isolated resources are fine, but we are not responsible for customer to customer coding conflicts for obvious reasons.   It is at Parcom's discretion to provide credit if a scripting engine is to be at fault for a customer's site being partially down.   The rule of thumb is if part of a site is still operational, the site is not down. 

If you have any detailed questions regarding our above policy, please feel free to contact us.

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Last Edited 10/25/2011





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