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This site is for our Parcom Legacy Systems. For our new cloud based hosting services please visit:

For your convenience here is a list of discontinued services at Parcom.  We offered many during the last 15 years and have all been replaced by a brand new cloud based and very secure hosting plan at our new web site!

Please note that the older the plan is the more likely there are not any customers using those plans.   At Parcom we do not force you to upgrade, rather we encourage you as time goes by.   As security becomes a concern for legacy systems, we typically will contact clients when it is time to retire extremely old servers utilizing older plans. 

IMPORTANT: This is strictly for reference, and all pricing were set in stone during the time they were available.   Some information may link to companies or services that no longer exist too.   At Parcom, customer pricing did not fluctuate within a series.

Discontinued Shared Hosting Plans and Year(s) Offered:


Economy, Economy Plus, Business, Business Plus (Parcom 2009/2010 Series)- Last legacy series offered. (2009-mid 2011)

First Class (Parcom 2009/2010 Series) - First class PCI hosting. (2009-early 2011)


Windows 2003 w/Helm (Parcom 2008 Series) - Personal, Family, Business series.

Budget (2008) (Parcom 2008 Series)- This plan was a limited edition $2.99 plan for 2008 only.

Custom Shared Hosting (Parcom 2008 Series) - This 88 cent hosting deal was a limited edition 2008 package.


99 Cent Hosting Plan (Parcom 2007 Series)  - This was a limited entry level hosting plan for basic web sites.

Windows 2003 w/Helm Control Panel - (Parcom 2007 Series) - These plans are no longer available as of the end of December 2007.   


Windows 2003 w/ Helm Control Panel -  (Parcom 2005 Series) - These plans were available throughout most of 2005 and ended January 18, 2006.   The 3 plans were 750, 2500, and 5000.


Windows 2003 w/o Helm Control Panel - These plans were prior to the Helm Control Panel accounts.  This was for customers who signed up prior to February 2005.


Windows 2000 Plans - These are the original Windows 2000 plans that we had for many years.

Discontinued Packages Offered For Many Years:

E-mail Only Service - For those who don't need much more than our e-mail service.

Starter Package - This is a very simple web hosting package with just enough features for a simple personal site or even a small business type web site.


Before 2001 that have no more customers using them:

Cobalt Linux Series
Windows Intermediate Plan Plus Free Domain Account
Windows Tiny Account
Windows NT4 Series
Unix Based Series - Original 1997 Plans.
Stability Plus Pack





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