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  SQL Database Services

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Parcom offers two major types of SQL database services.  Both are excellent choices for professional site owners to utilize at Parcom.  

Depending on your shared hosting service, these may already be included with your service.

Microsoft SQL 2005Microsoft SQL 2005 - The latest version of Microsoft SQL is here!  This version is now available to our $6.99, $9.99, and $19.99 plans. Clients can easily request space upgrades or request additional databases depending on their plan.  All Microsoft SQL servers are centralized at Parcom too.  This assures the database is on a different server.

MySQLThis is also very powerful and is a favorite of the open source community.   Support is different as it is primary via community forums including ours.   It is a great solution for those using PHP too.   Because it is a free database solution we only charge a one time setup fee.   Unlike Microsoft SQL which is housed on a separate set of servers, this solution resides on the same server as your web site.


Which one is right for you?   Basically if your site is ASP or ASP.NET based, then we suggest working with Microsoft SQL.   If your site is primarily PHP then use MySQL.   This is just a general rule of thumb as your requirements may vary or even require both!


Contact us at anytime if you have any questions.




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