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  Anti-Spam Service - "Spam Deflector"

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Parcom Spam Deflector Service

Parcom offers a very unique service which deflects up to 70% of your spam messages as a guarantee!  All without false positives guaranteed!   Some are experiencing higher though!  This proprietary technology is based on our 15+ years of web hosting experience.  Rather than use traditional filtering techniques, our technology attracts the major spam sources towards our custom servers while deflecting it from your primary mail server!   Our servers act like a "SPAM MAGNET!" to help keep nasty spam away from your real mail server!  

Every customer is different and results may vary.   Your results could be better than some of our wonderful Parcom clients!   Best experience for a Parcom customer is well over 95% reduction in Spam.  We cannot guarantee this for everyone and we rather be honest about this than promise 100% like some anti-spam solutions may do.   Nothing is perfect.. we just so happened to be good at not losing your mail as our system is for those who want a major reduction in spam without the hassles of quarantines!

Why Deflect Spam?

We feel the best way to not lose legitimate messages is to not process and filter them!  The best way is to push the spammers away from your mail system.  Keeping your mail system safter!

Our unique solution is available to Parcom web hosting customers but if you are also interested in supplementing any outside or third party anti-spam solution you may be using, then our system will actually help reduce the work load of both your mail server and your anti-spam solution!


Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to reduce up to 70% of the spam messages they receive without losing a single email message.


"Parcom's spam deflector solution is amazing. My two main e-mail accounts usually get up to 4-500 spam messages a day. On the first day with the new spam blocker, one account received 75 spam messages, and the other received 200. By the end of the week, both were down to less than 10 spam messages a day. And, since it isn't filtering my mail based on keywords, I'm not worried about it eating important e-mails by mistake.

Mara C."


"I added Spam Deflector to my hosting package earlier this month. I am VERY pleased with it. I have several email accounts that were created to be used for specific purposes. I check the spam quarantine on two of them several times daily, the others I check once or twice a week. On one of the two I check daily, I've gone from an average of 20 spam emails per day to maybe one a week. On the other account I've gone from an average of 6-8 PAGES (360-480 spam emails) a day to maybe 75 emails a day! NOT bad and much better than I'd ever expected with that one email address. I may not have to delete that account and start over again! I was getting tired of page after page of spam in the quarantine for that account. For the accounts I check once or twice a week, the spam is also down to just a few spam emails instead of several pages of spam a week.

I do get a few legit emails stopped by the Barracuda service but that is not a problem since they are in the quarantine when I check. Nothing has ever been lost except by me accidently deleting the wrong email and I can't blame that on Parcom or Barracuda."

Kathi Phillips


#1. Watch your spam messages drop!

Your e-mail will see a drop in spam!  Our system deflects major spammers away from you!

#2. Redundancy built in!

Using this service adds redundancy to your mail server as an added bonus!   If for any reason your mail server is slow, unresponsive or down this service actually will queue up your mail too.   So it not only deflects spam away from your mail server it can actually maintain uptime for your important email messages!

Past solutions did not offer redundancy! This one does by default!



Parcom Hosted Customers (Per domain): $19.99 per year with $5 Setup Fee. 

NOTE: This is PER DOMAIN.  If you have an account with more than one domain (i.e. domain aliases), be sure to let us know which domain you want this on.  (You may also purchase multiple at once to cover your domains in a package too.)  

Want more?

Parcom is working very hard to provide even more enhanced anti-spam services.   Many of which is already FREE and part of your web hosting experience at Parcom.   In the near future we will offer more options to this great service.  It's a start!

Existing Barracuda Anti-Spam/Antivirus Users:

The Spam Deflector service does not replace the other anti-spam system we used to offer (and currently not available to new users.)  This service enhances it!   Spam Deflector does not block viruses or some of the more challenging spam problems as it is meant as a first defense. Feel free to request this service if you wish to enhance it.  And, do note that in the future we are looking to provide another filtering type service that will replace the current Barracuda service that many of you enjoy today (it could be a newer Barracuda service or another - that is still to be determined.)  

How do you sign up?

Currently, this offer is available to Parcom hosted customers only.   You must be using our name servers exclusively too.   To sign up just go to the extra features section of your account (within the control panel) and add the "Parcom Spam Deflector Service" and within 1-2 business days you will have this fantastic service!   If you have more than one domain you must let us know which domain you want it on to avoid purchasing delays.

Note: If you have a legacy Parcom account (UserID that starts with LPB), just contact us and we can add it to your account manually.

For additional information please contact us today!


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