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  Detailed Comparison Chart for Standard Plans

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This site is for our Parcom Legacy Systems. For our new cloud based hosting services please visit:

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General Features Economy Economy Plus
Business Business Plus
  Sign Up Today! Sign Up Today! Sign Up Today! Sign Up Today!
Ultra High Speed Disk Space
Parcom believes in providing REAL web site disk space and can deliver! (In MB)
(Affordable upgrades available too!)
2500 3500 4500 5500
Intrusion Detection System (1500+ Counter Threat Database)
And LIVE Website Virus/WORM Protection

This feature protects your site from security threats and is updated automatically every single hour! 
Dedicated Application Pool
This feature is available on the latest servers! 
Maximum Data Transfer
 per month in MB
(Additional bandwidth available upon request) 
Does NOT include hacker attempts, virus, or even spam traffic! Such traffic could be up to 90% of traffic for your site at other hosts! This is HUGE value at Parcom! 
300GB Unmetered 1500GB Unmetered
 "Vanity" Domain Alias Resource Included (,, etc.) - Domain Registration fees apply
25 99 50 99
Secure FTP Access Users
20 40 50 60
Powered by Windows 2003
Enterprise Grade Hosting Solution
Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
Microsoft Silverlight & Expression Web Support
Secure FTP Access
Web Based Control Panel
(Languages: Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish)
International Web Based Control Panel System (Support for most major languages included free!)
30 day money back guarantee
Standard Web Based
 Statistics by
E-Commerce Ready
(Designed for Small Businesses and Forums)
Professional Web Based
 Statistics using
SmarterStats by
-Enterprise Edition with E-Mail Reports!


Mail Features Economy Economy Plus Business Business Plus
E-mail Space (MB)
Per Domain for POP3
(Generous amount of space shared within total hosting space)
2000 2000 2000 2000
Enterprise Grade POP3 Mail
w/ SMTP and IMAP
(More available upon request)
999 999 999 999
E-mail Aliases
999 999 999 999
MRA (Multiple Recipient Address) Lists
5 10 99 99
MRA Users for each internal mailing list (25 users or less)
(Popular feature for employee groups or to have something like sales go to more than one person)
999 999 999 999
Professional List Server Feature for larger lists of over 25 addresses
(Advanced mailing list with subscribe and unsubscribe functionality.)
(one time setup per domain!)
(one time setup per domain!)
Web Based Calendar
 And Tasks
Synchronize Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts with Outlook or Pocket PC
(Shared Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Folders)
Secondary SMTP Port for Very restrictive ISPs who require different outgoing mail server settings
Commercial Grade Mail System
(At Parcom, we give you the best e-mail system because it is important to you!)
E-mail Auto Responders
IMAP Support
Web Mail Interface
(With support for major languages)
Web Based E-mail Spell Checker
FREE Smartermail
Anti-Spam Service
(Flags spam using basic filtering techniques. Managed via web mail interface)


Scripting Features
and Componetnts
Economy Economy Plus Business Business Plus
ASP.NET 2.0/3.5
With AJAX Support
Windows ActivePerl / CGI
PHP (ver 4.4.6)
PHP (ver 5.2.1)
Flash & Shockwave
(.swf files only)
Mime Editor Modification Required.
Windows Server Side Includes
Client Side Java Support
FileSystemObject (FSO)
 by Persits Software
[More Information]
 by Persits Software
[More Information]
by Christoph Wille
Free Version
[More Information]
by Helicon Tech
[More Information]
w3 JMail Pro
Full Version
by Dimac
[More Information]
w3 Image
Full Version
by Dimac
[More Information]


Databases Economy Economy Plus Business Business Plus
MySQL (ver 5.0) Databases for PHP with Web Based SQL Administration
(space shared with web space, but not recommended to exceed 100 MB to assure quality of the highest standards for all clients at Parcom.)
  1 Free 2 Free 3 Free
MySQL (ver 4.0) Databases for PHP with Web Based SQL Administration
(space shared with web space, but not recommended to exceed 100 MB to assure quality of the highest standards for all clients at Parcom.)
  1 Free 1 Free 2 Free
Microsoft SQL 2005 for ASP/ASP.NET
with Web Based SQL Administration by Mylittleadmin
(Enterprise Grade Performance!)
  1 Free
1 Free
1 Free
Ability to add 50 MB of space to MS SQL 2005 Databases (Up to 200MB Total to assure quality)
SQL Admins/Users per database
  2 2 3
DSN/ODBC  Database Connections
99 99 99 99
Microsoft Access Databases


Advanced Features Economy Economy Plus Business Business
Custom Error Page Management
MIME Type Management Interface
DNS Zone Editor
Website URL Forwarding
Default Document Editor
Password protected directories per domain accounts (.htaccess)
Custom Scheduled Jobs
Virtual Directory Support

Full Domain within package
(Parcom only offers High quality packages! - You may purchase as many packages as you desire within one control Panel ID.)

1 1 1 1

Free Sub Domains Resources Included (

10 20 40 99
Private Quick SSL + Free IP
Powered by Geotrust
for shopping carts
 (Secure Certificate Support for
E-Commerce/business sites)
    Optional Optional
Shared (Free) SSL
(Great for testing and basic security. Parcom recommends a true private Quick SSL service for complete security as this uses
open SSL technology and is NOT for business or commercial use.)
Web Site Templates (a huge variety of professional templates you can purchase!)
Real Audio/Video File Download capability
 Microsoft Media File Download capability


Parcom Exclusive Features Economy Economy Plus Business Business Plus
Invited member of the
Better Business Bureau
Parcom 20 Year Business Plan
(Not many businesses plan past 3!)
Multiple Enterprise Grade
Firewall Protection
Microsoft Certified FrontPage
 and Windows Web Hosting Provider
Video Tutorials
Visual Studio Publishing
Macintosh Client Publishing
Windows Client Web Publishing
Unix/Linux Client Web Publishing
Banner Free Hosting
100% Privacy Guarantee
Lifetime price lock guarantee
99.995% Uptime Guarantee for Server Network (Parcom always works towards 99.99999% for you)
99.99999% Uptime Guarantee for network - from routers to all of our many providers
Server Stability Policy
(Parcom does not allow custom or any "off the shelf" sub-standard software packages or DLLs to be loaded on our systems.  Many hosts do, but at the expense of stability and uptime!  We assure every server is clean, identical, and up to date with commercial grade software and drivers. Our attention to such detail is unmatched!)
Triple Redundant UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Protection
Triple Redundant 7x24 Diesel Power Generators - For unlimited power
Redundant City Power Grid Connections
(Parcom is connected to 3 city power grids for serious redundancy. No one else comes close!)
Daily backups
Redundant Routers and Switches
650+ Redundant Backbone
Connections to the Internet for fastest connections worldwide! (Our network is by far one of the fastest on the planet!)
Fiber Optic Network Feeds
7x24 Access to our extensive
 knowledge base in the industry
Network Supported by "in-house" Certified hardware and software specialists
7x24 E-mail Support
(With fast 1  business day or sooner turn around time!)
Enterprise Data Center Grade Servers
(Parcom's exclusive "redundant everything network" goes from our routers all the way to our server systems.)
Simple Straight Forward
("no strings attached")
Affiliate Program
Internally Run Hardware and Software Supplier
(Parcom supplies itself to keep up with the high demands of our own network!)
No forced contracts, early termination fees, or surprise bills
Recurring Billing


Pre-Payment Pricing Options
 (in U.S. Dollars)*
Economy Economy Plus Business Business Plus
Price per month
(Quarterly, 6 Months, or Annual)
1 Month free for 6 months
2 months free for annual
$4.99/mo $8.99/mo $16.99/mo $24.99/mo***

Price Break Down:

(Click plan for details)
1 Month free for 6 months
2 months free for annual
Economy Plus
Business Plus
Quarterly $14.97 $26.97 $44.85 $74.97
6 Months $24.95 $44.95 $84.95 $124.95
Annual $49.90 $89.90 $169.90 $249.90

LIMITED!  - The Plus series are a limited edition series!

* Your choice of automatic or manual payment options. 

(Optional Items may require a nominal service charge or one time setup fee)


Providing web hosting services to customers around the world since 1997!

All pricing, features, and enhancements are subject to change without notice.  Product features can change if products from software companies become obsolete.




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