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Shared Web Hosting Services - Pricing & Features

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This site is for our Parcom Legacy Systems. For our new cloud based hosting services please visit:

This information is for reference only.

Highlights of our latest secure web hosting packages:

(Click plan for details)
Economy Plus
Business Plus
Intrusion Detection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Spam Bot Technology
(Parcom exclusive which protects your web site from most web form attacks!)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
No Forced Advertising!
(Parcom does not require any advertising, unless you want to promote us!)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Virus Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enterprise Daily Backups Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enterprise Web Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes
Groupware Service Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extreme high speed disk array for ultra fast web sites Yes Yes Yes Yes
999 Email and Aliases Yes Yes Yes Yes
List Server Service   Yes   Yes
 (Maxed out bandwidth of 999999MB)
  Yes   Yes
Microsoft Share Point Designer 2007 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Expression Web and Studio Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
PCI Compliant       Yes
High quality disk space on datacenter grade arrays
(In Megabytes)
2500 3500 4500 5500
SQL Databases   Yes Yes Yes
Number of hosted full domains
(If you need more you can easily add more packages!  You may also have domain aliases too!)
1 1 1 1
E-Commerce Ready     Yes Yes
  And more features...
Price per month
(Quarterly, 6 Months, or Annual)
1 Month free for 6 months
2 months free for annual
$4.99/mo $8.99/mo $16.99/mo $24.99/mo


Price Break Down:

(Click plan for details)
1 Month free for 6 months
2 months free for annual
Economy Plus
Business Plus
Quarterly $14.97 $26.97 $50.97 $74.97
6 Months $24.95 $44.95 $84.95 $124.95
Annual $49.90 $89.90 $169.90 $249.90


LIMITED!  - The Plus series are a limited edition series!

Powered by:

"Plus": Adds maximum bandwidth of 999999 MB Bandwidth and enhanced features over the standard version.

6 months gets 1 free month, and annual pre-payment gets 2 free months!


* Microsoft Frontpage Extensions is now considered an obsolete feature.  

Options - This page lists some of our additional services you can add to your shared web hosting service.  

Testimonials - Go here to see what others are saying about Parcom.

Comparison Chart - Go to this page if you wish to review and compare all plans in detail.

 For more information feel free to contact us.

Providing web hosting services to customers around the world since 1997!

  • All prices are in US dollars and are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Domain Aliases and Full Domain Accounts are subject to domain registration fees.

  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee with all new accounts!  

  • Parcom does not provide customized services that are different from the web hosting services listed above.   All  web services are set packages and are not negotiable.  In other words you cannot exchange, switch, or request custom features from one package to another. 

  • Checks have to be drawn from a U.S. bank.  Parcom does not accept checks drawn from international banks.

  • There are no fees to transfer existing domains to Parcom.

  • Contact us if you have questions about upgrading an existing Parcom account to this new service.

  • Looking for our old services for reference?  Go HERE.

....Satisfied Customers At Parcom

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All pricing, features, and enhancements are subject to change without notice.  Especially limited edition series. Product features can change if products from software companies become obsolete.



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